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Risinghill First Freethinking School in the WORLD

The Writer is a former Student of Risinghill School (Islington London N1) prior to the unlawful burial via a sex change in 1965. The objective here is to prove that after the death of Risinghill -Higher Education in Britain is the same as 'flogging a dead mule' AND in the hands of DUMB & DANGEROUS people as follows:
1. Technology:  The Internet enhanced techniques that matters worldwide while education in Britain has not progressed. Otherwise the main curriculum would be Quantum PhysicsThe fact that Einstein published his THEORY knowing that his claims cannot be challenged at the time and being half right should not be unresolved today. The equipment for testing Einstein’s theory is less costly and easier to make than the equipments for making a Proton bomb.
2. Tuition Fees: How absurd!  MPs in House of Commons voting for ‘pay as you learn’ - when free Education is a MUST. How dumb! Tuition fees being a major issue of British Politics in December 2010. In Law; the Lib Dem's votes "FOR" are not valid and this issue has gone from major debate to an inevitable 'hole in the head'.
3. Credibility: The Writer calculates the UK's credibility is about 20%. A figure  acknowledged by FIFA awarding Russia the 2018 World Cup bid.  However, dumb losers cannot accept the 20% credibility nor the SINGLE vote verdict and have retaliated by making Parliament Russian FREE   click to see latest.

Risinghill was terminated 45 years ago via lies submitted to the LCC and capitalised by greedy investors nervous about a generation of Freethinkers. Today those in power are: dumber; more dangerous; extremely manipulative and totally untrustworthy. To view related issues on the matter Click here to open file. For the record: The termination cause of Risinghill is NOT important and best left buried. However, the official reason of under age pregnancies should be struck out because there was NO improper sexual activities, unlike in Parliament. There was less risk of sexual harassment because the girls were third in Command and ruled with their motto Love conquers all  "Omnia vincit amor"  due to the fact that the Headmaster conquered his Students without expulsion or punishment. This motto may sound sloppy but effective as a lifetime protective shield and here to stay permanently otherwise:  Sex without conquest would have to be class as rape and ALL must accept being the product of hate making. This motto exists and is heavily promoted inadvertently as such by:
(1) Social Internet sites. 
(2)  Red Bull Birdman - the Writer made  an Elephant [Jill] during his unlawful imprisonment at Ford and piloted it at Bognor Regis Birdman Rally on 3rd August 1997. After hearing that the Kids loved Jill, sent him back to the day he took his Risinghill sausage dog home. Thereafter ALL crafts (6) were made to please Youngsters. An important ingredient of love conquers all is others' freewill  Participation as this video prove - how can anyone dislike the man flying as a doughnut? Anyway Red Bull took over from there and is promoting the Risinghill sausage DOG.

The Writer's last Schooldays were at  Sir William Collins School. This School had a higher academic standard than Risinghill, but the REGIME made the difference. Expulsion was  inevitable and in January 1969 Headteacher (MR Harry Greenway- later an MP) attempted to halt the unwarranted expulsion, but unable due to two earlier suspensions.Therefore it was a case of: "go quietly and 
come back to take the exams" and 'If I'm not good enough for your school, I'm not good enough for your exams'.

AFTERMATH:  The death of Risinghill opened the floodgates on ALL other quality school closures without cause and SWC was no exception.  SWC's death in 1991 was inevitable because of the followings:
(1) The Headmaster & Deputy were not in controlled of SWC. 
(2) The Headmaster & Deputy were ignorant of the “golden rule” of   leadership:      “One does not have a dog and barks One's self.”
(3) The 500 or so boys from Risinghill were an unwanted burden thrust into other schools WITHOUT any integrating facilities, this accelerated the downfall.
(4)  Politicians of today are an 'insult to democracy' for creating a Fourth Reich as detailed in   the Writer's 2007 statement to the House of Commons information Unit.  Id est: Michael Gove in charge of education whereby his expertise seemed limited to 'bashing the bishop'. The Public were QUICK to accept the allegation that Risinghill was a 'knocking shop', but did nothing when the hard fact emerged that Parliament IS a knocking shop. Confirmed by HG & another former MP in an article by The Telegraph's Martin Beckford “Amorous politicians meet 'bed warmers' in Parliament's Central Lobby, says MP.”
(5) Today; Dumb & Dangerous Politicians are in absolute control without any powerful opposition 45 years after the death of Risinghill. Prime example is the absurd fact that a grovelling or nonce of a judge gave a protester 2 years 8 months for throwing a fire extinguisher off a roof top. This sentencing is wrong and an insult to JUSTICE because of the followings:
(i) Sentences are determined by the seriousness of offence - there was NO intention of harming.
(ii) In the past a convicted nonce escaped prison on the excuse the "prisons are full."
(iii) The guilty party in this case are the Politicians NOT KEEPING their promise made prior to the General election results.
(iv) The LAW of the Land must be obeyed in full by all, including the corrupt Treasury Solicitors and their ring of paedophiles. HG must know the importance of adhering to the rules being an Educator in English and therefore should support the imprisoned Protester.
One don't have to be a Freethinker to work out that planet Earth is overcrowded and the Politicians will decided who lives or dies sooner or later. If it's a question of MONEY then why are Politicians so heavily guarded?

Bottom line:  Cutting spending when the population is growing by the seconds is illogical UNLESS Politicians are playing for time.

Special thanks to Matt Frankenstein, Camden Town Librarian who made this site possible. 
SIDE BAR PHOTO & ARTWORK educational purposes:
Libbynda & Writer 2000
Writer & Jill’s great splashdown as featured on the back page of the Times 4/08/97
Mayfair girlie magazine featuring Writer November 1997
Jack and Writer underwater shot 1998
Dolly the Saint Lucian dragon & Writer 1999
Libbynda pre-flight photo 2000
Jullieta & Writer Worldwide coverage 2001, subsequently on
BBC television programme “They think it’s all over” 2003
Wendygail and Writer on a very windy day 2002
Benocchio & Writer (last of Scott’s) 2003

Sir Richard Branson Angel performance 2003
Writer and Sir Richard debating how to minimise the pain of
losing his virginity at the Bognor Birdman Rally.
The ultimate flying craft with wings beating 4 times faster than a bird under construction
Writer gathering data at Worthing 2009
Writer’s Aboriginal friend, Biggibilla’s artwork in Venice 1993
Writer’s daughter Abbey
Biggibilla’s artwork for Abbey in Venice 1993
HOMELESS Harrier Jump Jets after the Ark Royal was
insanely scrapped
Battle of Britain stamps from Writer’s collection
Large mango
Coconuts in protective coat
Cashew nut attached to fruit
Saint Lucia’s flag
Jamaica’s Coat of Arms and sound motto
Old USSR flag
Cocoa; beans inside pod
Sputnik’s route featured on a stamp
Rice plant and seeds illustration
Cross section drawing of quick release steering wheel
Steering wheel patent drawings & claim
Golf balls found by the Writer and believe to be an act of fate
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  1. Ou est les banane pour votre blood pressure? Why have you not updated events on Dolly the saint lucian dragon? Where is Dolly at this present moment in time?

  2. Mwen manje yon fig un jour - mercie bon coo.

    Updates will be published in due time.

    I don't know the whereabouts of Dolly. Presumably having a good time as loose & wild Women do?

    Incidentally, I'm dutybound to eat bananas and seedless grapes because: During my Horticulture course at Capel Manor College of Enfield the question; "do all plants flower?" popped up. Instead of naming any naked seed plants, I used bananas & seedless grapes as non flowering plants examples. It turned out that Bananas are the largest herbaceous flowering plant and seedless grapes flowers.

    In truth and technically these fruits I love to eat are genetic engineered (GM) crops.


    Dick Chitolie

  3. Any fruit that has many seeds is considered to be a berry, just like a tomatoe and the water melon

  4. Valuable INPUT - bananas are GM Berries. As a Kid, lived on green bananas [GB] & fish with Hot pepper [berry] sauce.

    Are you interested in starting dinner? Can't fail – GB contain chemicals that enhance virility and longevity?

    Dick Chitolie